Hello to all!!!! I had a crazy day today. I woke up bright and early at 5:30am to drop my little brother off at the border bridge so he can cross with some friends to the other side (the US) and go to school. But his friends were not going to show up for another hour, so we went back home tpo pick up some money and go have some breakfast tacos. Then I dropped him off and went home and SURPRISE! my wonderful little bro didnt give me back my house key after he went to pick up the money, so I got locked out here was no one home and I had to wait an hour in line to cross the border and pick up a spare fro my sister. But after I picked up the key I had to wait till she was done doing whatever it was she was doing cuz she didnt have a ride. Soooooo....me in my semi pajamas and diaper bag less went to Walmart to buy some diapers an0d some decent clothes, (a tshirt and some flip flops) to kill some time in Michaels (a craft store) I could spend all day there, but little Leo cant. So I left there and went to McDonalds and got him some nuggets and some coffee for me. So I got home super late and tired but still went to the gym. For a little bit at least, cuz I forgot to eat something all day and I got dizzy during my warm up run.
When I got home my mom told me I had some mail on the table...I got so happy!!! Here is what I received.

A super cool postcard made by Laura from Disco Cheese. This is from the Happy Mail swap. I really hope she likes what I sent her.

And these super cute notecards from Ashley. These are for the Swap-bot $1 swap.
They brightened what was left of my day. Thanks girls.


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  1. Sorry I'm sending your package out tomorrow! I promise, I'm sooo picky about what I put in it.. I just want it to be awesome! :)