Happy Mail

I was so excited yesterday when I went to check my mail. I got this awesome package from my Happy Mail partner, Laura from Disco Cheese. I love everything she sent me. She sent me a watermelon lipsmacker, 2 funcky fabrics, a headband, a book (I think about vampires, which I love), a cute toy story sticker album for Leo. Some colorful slinkies (Leo love them), a skein of cotton yarn in "fiesta", hello kitty and cake stickers, a slap on bracelet (I remember having a bunch of these as a kid), a wood bead bracelet and a super cute pack of cupcake appliques. Thanks so much Laura, I love everthing!!!Btw she put a bunch of little heart stickers on her letter, and almost everything in the package had a little heart stuck to it. Now there's a little heart in the car, on my sister's phone, on my laptop, on my makeup mirror and a bunch of other places. :)



  1. awww what great Happy Mail!! Isn't it the best?!!! Love!

  2. I would love receive kinf of happy mail like that! it's awesome!

    by the way, thanx for sharing my button, i just added your button too :)

  3. Yeah!! I'm so glad you liked it!! I had so much fun putting it all together! :) Sorry about the little hearts.. that's funny they were sticking to everything else! HA!