I havent updated the blog cuz I've been soooo busy these last couple of weeks with school and making stuff to sell at farmers' markets and other venues. This is where we're going to be next Saturday for Texas Food Revolution. I think its a club of something but its a beatiful place.

I love the walls and the decor. Last time we went we got there pretty late cuz we didnt know exactly where the place was. This time we'll be there on time and loaded on coffee.

And these next pics are from the Mercadito Fiesta on Sept 17th. Celebrating Mexican Independance day.

And this is me in my little black dress. This was about 4 in the afternoon and I was exhausted and the flowers I had put in my hair had wilted and fallen off. Only one made it thru the night.
Frida mirror and crochet flowers.

These are the girls. From right..Carolina artist/artisan from Colombia , Marga violinist from Mexico, Eva yoga and belly dance intructer from Mexico and me on the right. My feet were killing me at this point.

And this little guy I made tonight. He's made of cream cheese covered in chopped almonds, black olives for the eyes, and red peppers for the stripes. The mushrooms are carrots and radishes. A friend of my mom's asked me to make a cheese sculpture as a sample for a Alice in wonderland party she'll be ctering for. If they like it I'll make about 30 of these little Cheshire cats.


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