Cold Porcelain

I got a little bit of work to do. 28 pencils with cold porcelain pencil toppers for party favors. They didn't ask for anything in particular which maks it a little harder for me. I decided to do different animals and see how that turns out. This is my first time working with cold porcelain and I honestly didn't like it too much. I guess I'm used to the texture and feel of sculpey.
The clay comes white but you can color it by mixing in acrylic, tempera or oil paints. Oil paints are better cuz they have more pigment. I used acrylic cuz that's what I had around.

Add some paint and knead it til its well incorporated. and you get the color you want. It will look darker when it dries though, so keep that in mind.

Here are three of the little creatures I made today, I'm not very happy with them, but I guess the more I work with it the better they'll come out.

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