The ORANGE wall

We've been staying with my in-laws since we moved to Argentina about a month ago. I love them. But soon we are finally moving to our own place, right next door. The last tenants just moved out and we've been fixing up the place so we can move in...furniture and applianceless.
Anyway, we're almost done painting the inside. Leo's room is gonna be light blue for now and I want to paing a Yellow Submarine mural for him, our room is an off-white and the living room is....thisonly one of the walls though, the others are a light gray. So I was lookin for ideas to decorate this room. I was thinking a little collection of random white things hangin somewhere, some black and white pictures with yellow frames, and an old blue cupboard or bookshelf...I dunno, what do you guys think. Someone please help!
On another note my mother-in-law is teaching me to knit, I wanted to start with something simple like a scarf but I made a square and now I want to make a throw blanket. I know its a bit hard for a first projet but I'm gonna try and see if it turns out. Here is the first piece of the blanket.
I found Miss Indie's blog and she has really cute knit stuff. Check out her etsy shop.

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