Our first Atheist Holiday

When I was a kid Christmas was one of the happiest times in the year along with my bday and Halloween. Halloween being my favorite. But as I grew it lost all the magic. I love the whole "spirit of giving" thing, whatever that is. But I think it's stupid to just emphasize the importance of this on a certain time of year.
As an atheist I have gone with the flow. I have celebrated with my family and kept my mouth shut (most of the time).
Now that I'm a mom, I feel I have a responsability to raise my child to be a critical thinker. I'm not trying to raise a little atheist. I just want my boy to some day chose his own beliefs and have come to his own conclusion by thinking critically.
I have been debating whether to do the whole Santa thing or not. Leo is still to little to have any clue what is going on. So I still have some time to think about this.
On one hand there is my husband's opinion: We should not lie to Leo. We can get him the gifts and all but he should always know it comes from us and the people around him.
On the other had there's what I think: I want him to have that fantasy. But as soon as he starts asking questions I won't lie to him. Instead I let him come to his own conclusion on how possible it is for a fat guy in a red suit is watching him all the time, and flys around on Christmas eve going down chimneys. He'll figure it out, I'm sure.
This year we're having Xmas at my in-laws' and Festivus at home, on the 23rd.

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  1. Totally agree with you!!!!!! You are very smart! :) We should be happy, giving and nice all year long!

    I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! I hope your week is going great!

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