For a while now Ive been wanting to make macarons. When I was back home I didn't make them cuz I was too scared. I know it's not an easy, and frankly, I'm ust lazy. Now that I'm in Argentina, I want to bake so much, but can't for lack or supplies and tools and my oven is ust weird. It was no temperature regulation, just Big Flame and Little flame drawing next to the knob.Any way here are a few lovely pics of macarons ....
Pictures by Tartelette

Photo by Cristina

image from www.davidlebovitz.com

....and a few links to recipes and how to's.
David Lebovitz
Serious Eats
From Buenos Aires to Paris
Creative Abubot

I also found lots of macaron related items in etsy.1. naiad, 2. pOOmplastick, 3. AmyPerrotti, 4. Serpentine


  1. Thank you for featuring my Pink Macarons Alice in Wonderland print in this yummy post!! :)

  2. Thank you for featuring my macarns !