These last few days have been kinda crazy. I feel like I spend more time driving around running errands than doing anything else. I had some cookie orders that had to be shipped, some more cookies that had to be baked and packed for mother's day orders, I spent almost a whole day looking for a nice post card for my Happy Mail partner(check out her blog here), I wanted something I liked, not just a random picture of one of the few nice parts of town. And today I have to bake some more cookies that I'm shipping tomorrow. I'll probably be up til 4am decorating cookies again. Which I dont mind cuz I love doing it, but then I dont want to get up in the morning. Also, my oven broke so I had to find someone to lend me theirs while the new one arrives and gets installed. Anyway, here are some pics of the cookies and mini cupcake bouquets that I made for Mother's day. They're not perfect but they are super yummy, and I think that's more important than making them look like plastic.


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