Etsy Bike Finds

I've been looking for a bike lately. I wanna ride it to school. OH YEAH!!! I just enrolled in some classes for the fall semester. I'm so happy. I'll have some studio space an time to work. It's gonna be hard to balance school, baby, work and hubby but I think I can do it.
Anyway, so I need a bike to get to school, since traffic is crazy and gas is insane expensive now.
Here are some bike inspired items or bike accessories from Etsy sellers. Enjoy!

Flying Bike Shirt by MartyMay

BIKE HANDLEBAR BAG by boneshakerbags



  1. Such great finds! I'm currently building a bike and I can't wait to be able to ride it. I wish you the best of luck with school!

  2. That's some really cute finds! I love the large bowl

  3. Anonymous25/8/10 12:14

    The Bicycle Bird shirt is kick ass!