...feels weird...

I was looking back through some of my old posts...damn! All these things about my "hubby" and our work and all that. Well, just to keep you updated, the hubby is gone. I am now a single-fulltime student-working mom. Yeah, its a crapload of work. But I'm managing. For now I'm at my parents' house until I'm back on my feet and can afford a little place for me and my son. But even though it's been hard, I amm happier than before. I know my posts must have seem pretty happy, but I guess I was trying to convince myself that everything was fine when it wasn't.
I dont hate him. Hate is a negative feeling that I dont want to carry around, and it takes up too much energy. Maybe one day I'll tell you what happened but for now....

...here are some more pics of what I've been working on....

bearded lady


Lucrecia and Josefina

I have two more paper left of the same kind...I need to go back to GreenPost and get some more. I have so many ideas!

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  1. Sending the most positive vibes your way!