my sunshine beret/ mi boina "sonshain"

I finished this beret in 2 days. It was all improv, no pattern. Just playing with the yarn. I was going to sell it but I like it too much, so its mine HA! what do you think?

Termine esta boina en dos dias. Toda improvidasa, sin patrones. Solo jugaba con el estamebre a ver que pedou. La iba a vender pero me gusto mucho y mejor pa miguelita. Que tal?

Yeah, that's the tote by Avril Loreti I won in a blog giveaway.

El morral de atras es es de Avril Loreti y me lo gane en un sorteo.
Here is another beret in progress.

Otra boina en proceso.
I listed this illustration in my etsy shop last week. Her name is Tigridia. I made her in the summer of 2006..I think.

Subi esta illustracion a mi tiendita de etsy la semana pasada. Se llama Tigridia. La hice en el verano del 2006...creo.
I also harvested my squash yesterday...

Ayer tambien coseche mis calabazas...
heehee...I know...

If anyone has any good recipes please send me something. I have no idea what to do with so much squash...I'll probably nd up making pie or preserve or something.

Have a great week everyone!

jeje...ya seeee...

Si alguien tiene alguna receta, porfis mandenmela porke no se ke hacer con tatntas calabazas, si no voy a terminar haciendo putos pays y dulces.

Tengan una semana excelente!!!


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  1. oooh your beret is beautiful! i wish i had the talent to just 'play' and crochet something like that! (maybe someday)
    as for squash recipes - my boyfriend and i made "squarrot" soup and love it. basically 1/2 squash 1/2 carrot with some garlic and water to boil. boil until veggies are mashable, mash and have thick soup. season with pepper and some parmesan cheese. i love it. sorry the recipe isn't very scientific, more a feeling...
    enjoy the squash, it looks yummy :)