Ouch My Ego! Summer Craft Festival and some thrifting

The first Ouch My Ego! Summer Craft Festival was this past Sunday July 31st. The place was awesome. It's a historic movie theatre. The inside is so cool. I kept picturing every kind of even being held there.

This was my table. The fist time I ever set up a table at a craft fair. I think I didi pretty good. It was a bit dar inside so I think I'm gonna carry a lamp or two next time, just in case.

I used old tshirts and recycled frames to make these brooch and pendant displays..
I havent listed most of these in my etsy shop yet. But if you see something you like just email me or contact me through etsy.

I also need to remember to bring some snacks and munchies...yes thats chocolate on my lip, i look like such a dork...lol
This was my friend Carolina's table. She was handmade goodies from Columbia and made by her as well. You can find some of her stuff here.
She's super sweet, and always smiling. On the way over we talk about how I'd love to just sell my work for a living and quit my day job. She gave me a lot of confidence. I'm seriously thinking about it.

This I found today at an antique/thrift store....I love it!!!! I dont know what exactly its for, but its my new cookie jar.

Can't wanit for the next craft fair!!


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  1. That mushroom canister is drool worthy! My grandma had a whole set of them and a butter dish. Sadly my ex broke one and the others got left behind during moving. Check yours out, it's probably an antique like hers were. And, best of wishes with your decision on quitting your day job.