Hello there! Like always its been a while since I last posted. I'be been busy busy working, and creating. Here are a few things I've made recently.

Dream catcher and peas in a pod pendants

caged heart and shell
trapped pearls and crystals with quart on gold wire
Tree of life with seed beads

agate fish with quartz and crystal charm necklace

Cluster of pears and crystals on gold wire

This last one I sold today to a friend and school. It's similar to the first dream catcher but in dark colors. I only make 3 of each and they all differ in detail. But I prefer not to have too many of the same design. I feel it makes them more special.

My etsy shop is on vacation richt now, but as soon as I get some better pictures of my new work I'll reopen with a whole new makeover.


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