Playing with mud...

This week I'll be making coffeee mugs and tea cups, and a few espresso cups and mates. I havent thrown much lately and I need some practice. And, also we're hving a coffee/tea party fund raiser to my dad's medicine.
Here I am throwing something while I listen to some Soda Stereo.
Here I'm trimming...

And here are the first 3 pieces ready to fire. I preffer cups with no handle cuz I like to cradle them in my hand to keep them warm.

Here they are in the sun. I need to get these done as quickly as possible cuz the party is on the 10th.
And here they are al ready to go in the kiln. They still need to be fired twice before they're ready to go to their new home.
I posted these pick on my facebook and already got a few custom orders.
If ur intrested in a mug let me know.
They'll be $10 plus shipping. All the money goes to my dad's med fund.

BTW I'll be having a giveaway pretty soon. But U ust be a fan on my new facebook page. So LIKE me here....


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