Time for change...

I have decided to quit my day job. After 10 years of working as a server and crafting on the side, I think its about time I go fulltime with my art and crafts. Why not? I'm makng more money iwh my crafts than as a server. It's probably gonna be a lot more work but I love what I do and I'm getting sick of the restaurant business. So, here are some books I'm reading....yes, all at once, taking notes and with a highligher in hand. I'm scared to death but if not now? when?
Besides, this means I get to stay home with my son and give him the attention he needs instead of busting my butt with double shifts to pay for daycare to keep working an energy draining job that I'm sick of. Got a few things in mind for next year. I'm excited about going to more craft fairs, I'm going to update my Etsy shop my sister is working ona new line of ntural beauty products and I want to invest in a PMC kiln. I want to keep making jewelry but tis time incorporate some sculptural pieces in silver. Hopefully everything works out.