Back from Patagonia!!

Here are some pics from our recent trip to Patagonia.

Lago Puelo

El Bolson

This is my dream home! Fresh air, mountains all around the scent of pine, lavender, and hippies everywhere. It reminded me a little of Germany, except for the hippies.

So many colors!!! The Inescapable Peruvian Flute Band...they're everywhere!!
Chocolate in Bariloche
Coffee, Banana milk shake and the best cake ever!!!! Waffles from the hippie market...with local strawberries and raspberries, whipped cream, chocolate fudge and caramel!!! YUUUUMMMMYYY!!!
Homemade ice-cream
La Pasarela
Evil sheep..
...stole our food from the grill
And the last day..matching tattoos
by Under Tattoo Studio in El Bolson

I'll post some pics of our finished tattoos as soon as I get them...waiting for them to be posted on the studios facebook fan page.

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